About Us

DRJ Organicare is proudly based in California, the birthplace and thriving center of certified organic agriculture. We're certified by the USDA to produce the finest organic personal care products available anywhere, and with our California advantage, we're uniquely positioned to be your personal care formulating and contract packaging partner.

Services we provide:

  • Custom Formulating and Stability Testing Services
  • Contract Manufacturing and Filling Services
  • Microbiological Challenge Testing
  • Consulting Services for USDA Organic Sales & Marketing
  • Graphic Design Services
  • And much more

Our facility is registered with the FDA and the California Department of Public Health, licensed by the US TTB as a Denatured Spirits User, and fully cGMP compliant. Our professional staff is experienced, exceptionally well-qualified, skilled in USDA organic formulation, and fully committed to meeting the needs of our clients.

USDA Organic Skin Care Manufacturer

NSF Organic Cosmetic Manufacturer

FDA Registered Cosmetic Manufacturer

Made in California, USA

Dermatology Tested

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