Organic Products Are All About Health

  • It begins with the health of the soil where our organic ingredients are grown. Organic farmers don't have to use synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides to "fix" the soil, because they've learned how to keep it well naturally, with sustainable agriculture, instead.
  • From there, it flows naturally to the health of our planet. Organic farmers think "green". They recycle; they protect not only their own land but all the land and waterways downstream by not using the toxic chemicals that flow in the runoff of less well-managed farms. And they have an infectious attitude of appreciation for the Earth and its resources that spreads throughout the population and down through the generations.
  • This healthy attitude flows to us. We care about the healthfulness of our products, our state, our nation, and our planet. Recycling is second nature here, as well as good business.
  • And good health flows to the consumers of natural products, who understand that everything they expose their bodies to, inside and out, has an effect on their health.

Our Healthy Community

At DRJ OrganiCare our commitment to your health and to your customers' health goes beyond just making the finest organic personal care products available. In cooperation with our sister company, Dr. J SkinClinic, we have established the Healthy Community organization.

  • We reach out emotionally, medically and financially to the many sufferers of skin diseases worldwide.
  • We make regular monthly donations to help needy children in underdeveloped countries.
  • We volunteer in frequent community actions to clean and care for our planet.

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