Product Development

DRJ OrganiCare has broad experience in the development of organic cosmetics and skin care products. We formulate to meet the requirements of NSF, Ecocert, Whole Foods, natural products stores, and a host of other agencies and organizations. (NSF and Ecocert compliant procedures are in place; certifications pending.)

We have the advanced technology to build into these USDA organic formulations such clinical benefits as skin rejuvenation, pigmentation reduction, wrinkle treatment, and care for the special needs of sensitive and acne-prone skin. Our formulations have overcome the common difficulties seen in other USDA Organic products, such as gumminess, stickiness, instability, malodor, etc. So we can provide our clients the benefits of a luxurious sensory feel without sacrificing the advantages of a USDA Organic claim.

Our Organic List Includes

  • All types of personal care products:
    • Emulsions (lotions and creams)
    • Gels (cleansing, moisturizing, etc.)
    • Oils (cleansers, facial serum, body oil)
    • Butters (facial butter, baby products)
    • Lip Balms
    • Etc.
  • Special products targeting all skin types, needs and problems:
    • Skin Rejuvenation
    • Pigmentation Issues
    • Wrinkles
    • Acne-Prone Skin
    • Sensitive Skin
    • And more
  • All categories of Organic Content and Certification:
    • USDA 100% Organic
    • USDA 95% Organic
    • Wrinkles
    • Acne-Prone Skin
    • Sensitive Skin
    • And more
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